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Volume 16(1); Jan-Mar 2014

Kahr PC, Gupta SK, Kothari SS, Ramakrishnan S. Classical Supravalvar Aortic Stenosis and Peripheral Pulmonary Stenosis. Images Paediatr Cardiol 2014;16(1):1-4.

Kanagawa N, Inamura N, Narita J, Kawazu Y, Kayatani F. Prenatal diagnosis of isolated atrioventricular discordance using fetal echocardiography. Images Paediatr Cardiol 2014;16(1):5-10.

Volume 16(2); Apr-Jun 2014  

Baumann S, Frambach D, Huseynov A, Becher T, Boecker C, Behnes M, Rapp S, Papavassiliu T, Borggrefe M, Akin I. The value of multimodality imaging for detection, characterisation and management of a wall adhering structure in the right atrium. Images Paediatr Cardiol 2014;16(2):1-7.

Merrick B, Gatrad AR. The chest x-ray in delayed presentation of coarctation of the aorta. Images Paediatr Cardiol 2014;16(2):8-9.

Volume 16(3); Jul-Sep 2014

Chang S, Maharaj S. Brief Images: Massive pericardial effusion. Images Paediatr Cardiol 2014;16(3):1-3.

Somerville J, Grech V. The chest x-ray in congenital heart disease 6. Images Paediatr Cardiol Volume 16(3);2014:4-5.

Volume 16(4); Oct-Dec 2014

Chelo D,  Mbassi Awa HD, Nguefack Dongmo F, Menanga AP, Ngo Um S, Nde Kamgne M, Koki Ndombo PO. Ectopia cordis. A report of two cases in Cameroon. Images Paediatr Cardiol 2014;16(4):1-6.

Ponniah U, Overholt E. Severe reversible dilated cardiomyopathy associated with a large left ventricular thrombus in a young child with middle aortic syndrome. Images Paediatr Cardiol 2014;16(4):7-13.