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Volume 17(1); Jan-Mar 2015

Abbas U, Brownlee J, Adebo D. Giant coronary sinus aneurysm and multiple coronary artery aneurysms in a pediatric patient. Images Paediatr Cardiol 2015;17(1):1-3.

Abqari S, Rabbani MU,  Meshram HS,  Gupta A. RCC prolapse causing Aortic regurgitation in a restrictive VSD. Images Paediatr Cardiol 2015;17(1):4-6.

Volume 17(2); Apr-Jun 2015

Keivanidou A, Gogou M, Giannopoulos A. Tetralogy of Fallot with absent pulmonary valve syndrome; an imaging challenge. Images Paediatr Cardiol 2015;17(2):1-2.

Abqari S, Rabbani MU, Meshram HS, Gupta A. An asymptomatic 11 year child with ruptured sinus of Valsalva. Images Paediatr Cardiol 2015;17(2):3-5.

Volume 17(3); Jul-Sept 2015

Marchetti M, Sierecki M, Oriot D, Ghazali A. Brugada-type ECG associated with pectus excavatum. Images Paediatr Cardiol 2015;17(3):1-2.

Bugeja J, Grech V, DeGiovanni JV. Right ventricular outflow tract stenting – effective palliation for Fallot’s tetralogy. Images Paediatr Cardiol 2015;17(3):3-10.

Bugeja J, Grech V, Borg A, DeGiovanni JV. “Bendy” stents help negotiate hairpin intracardiac curves. Images Paediatr Cardiol 2014;17(3):11-18.

Volume 17(4); Oct-Dec 2015

Hutter D, Kreiter B, Riedel T, Wagner B, Kadner A, Pfammatter JP.Free left ventricular wall rupter in a newborn. Images Paediatr Cardiol 2015;17(4):1-3.

Grech V,  Aquilina S, Camilleri E. Depicting the analyses of the first National Maltese Childhood BMI study. Images Paediatr Cardiol 2015;17(4),4-13.