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Volume 19(1); Jan-Mar 2017

Munesh T. Persistence of pulmonary arterial hypertension after relief of left sided obstructive lesions in small infants: our experience. Images Paediatr Cardiol 2017;19:1-7.

Taliana N, Said E, Grech V. DiGeorge phenotype in the absence of 22q11 deletion – a case report. Images Paediatr Cardiol 2017;19:8-9.

Volume 19(2); Apr-Jun 2017

Tomar M. Percutaneous device closure of Persistent Left Superior Vena Cava Connecting to the Left Atrium with intact coronary sinus: A Rare Entity. Images Paediatr Cardiol 2017;19(2):1-8.

Taliana N, Gatt A, Reichmuth L, Borg A, Grech V. The rarest aortic arch anomaly a case report of asymptomatic isolation of the subclavian artery. Images Paediatr Cardiol 2017;19(2):9-12.

Volume 19(3); Jul-Sep 2017

Conti L, Borg Savona S, Spiteri T, Degiovanni J, Borg A, Caruana M. Aortic coarctation – never too late to diagnose, never too late to treat.  Images Paediatr Cardiol 2017;19(3):1-11.

Taksande A, Meshram R, Lohakare A, Purandare S, Biyani U, Vagha J. An update work of pulse oximetry screening for detecting critical congenital heart disease in the newborn. Images Paediatr Cardiol 2017;20:12-18.

Volume 19(4); Oct-Dec 2017  - CURRENT ISSUE

Tomar M, Parakh R, Bhan A. Mycotic aneurysm: a lesser known complication of coarctation repair in a child, managed by endovascular aneurysm repair. Images Paediatr Cardiol 2017;19(4):1-9.

Aquilina A, Aquilina O, Sammut M, Grech V. The first case of the Reveal LINQ™ Insertable Cardiac Monitor implanted in a child in Malta. Images Paediatr Cardiol 2017;19(4):10-21.